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It may be thought that every Femdom is born from pure evil, but this is not exactly true. Leading humanist psychologists claim that we all start out as “good,” seeking love and acceptance.

Isn’t that what you are seeking too?

Perhaps it is an instinctive need to search for the perfect mate and lover, but this all seemed so. . . mundane to me. Being of exceptional intellect and having the need to be in control, I  quickly became very bored with, well…..everything.

Every Femdom has their defining moment.  That point where their motivation crystallizes and the methods they’ll use to twist life to their benefit becomes plain.

I can very clearly recall that life changing, defining moment, when everything changed for me.  It is as if it all happened just last week.

Let’s Talk About Me

When I was younger, I was already much more than your average pretty face. I was always the one in control, and no one would say no to me. This was so empowering and I quickly learned to use this talent to my benefit.

I was sure that I was meant to play with the weaker gender, using them for more than just sex. I had a desire to transform all of my lovers into minions that could never say no to me.

And that is just what I set out to do! Create and Control an army of minions to please and serve me.   That is why you’re here isn’t it?   It’s all a part of the addiction and you are here at Addiction Bank to further your addiction(s) right?

Pleasing Your Femdom

It was all to easy. It was as if the moment that I accepted my fate of being a Femdom, that something changed. Suddenly, the men that I had once lusted for were drawn to me, helplessly drawn!  They wanted me to control them.

These men somehow knew that I would challenge them and push them to their very limit. A place where they would find happiness, acceptance and pleasure.

After all, pleasing me is what should please you.

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Until later……


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2 thoughts on “Femdom Kiera”

  1. Mistress Kiera knows exactly what she is doing . She takes you deeper than you might want to go but then know when to bring you right back to your level of comfort . Whats hot is that she is doing what pleases her and she lets you know it . No problem because what Mistress enjoys most is exactly why addicts like us are calling her .

    1. Well, Well…who have we here! One of my favorite addicts 🙂 Yes addict, I do know exactly what I am doing….and I do push limits, boundaries and take you out of your comfort zone. Why? Because I can and it’s your full time job to please me…Right? I do love what I do! Chat soon my cherished addict 🙂

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