Vault Deposit At Addiction Bank

Vault Deposit Welcomes You!

Make Your Vault Deposit At Addiction Bank
Step Right Up And Make Your Vault Deposit

Welcome to our vault deposit. This is an area for our clients that need a little bit coaxing to pay up. Some see it as coaxing, some forcing, others may view it as erotic blackmail.

What is Consensual Erotic Blackmail?

It is when you have decided you need a little extra push to fulfill your every day needs, kinks and desires. Sometimes it’s not enough to just WANT to be a part of the lifestyle. You have to be pushed in that right direction.

In order to be pushed in the right direction, you have to have a certain amount of ‘Inspiration’ or the correct MOTIVATION –a REASON to go forward and do the tasks assigned to you. It makes you happy and keeps your Addiction Advisors entertained.

How Does The Vault Deposit and Erotic Blackmail Work?

There is a financial obligation to keep anything in the vault; this is a bank after all. In the vault we will keep a variety of things:

~Humiliating Photos

~Embarrassing information and facts about you

~Other Personal Information that could be devastating to you if released.

Each vault will have a password protected directory that is only accessible by YOU and your addiction councilors.

If you comply with your list of rules and expectations, and keep your vault in satisfactory standing – everything will be just fine. If not, well, that is where the erotic blackmail takes place

How Do I Make A Vault Deposit?

In order to be accepted into the vault and before you can make any vault deposit, you will need to have a consultation (via phone session or paid mail) with one or both of the financial advisors to determine your addiction bank needs.

You will be given an opportunity to email or message your documents and also be given a password and access to the “vault upload” area to add more to your directory.


Once all information is collected, it will be set up in your own directory and you will access to that password protected area. Only you and the financial advisors will have access to those areas.

Should you become delinquent on your account, the password will be removed and the directory is then accessible by anyone on the site.

How Do I Pay My Vault Fees?

You can use the drive-thru  drop to make your appropriate payment(s). Make sure to specify that it is for the vault deposit payment. (not doing so will classify it as a regular drive-thru drop and you will still be held accountable for your vault deposit)

You will get a maximum of 3 days leeway to complete your vault fees before YOUR directory becomes (1) no longer password protected and (2) searchable by any search engine. After that, it depends on what your program asks for.

Also, as with any financial intuition (even if it is an erotic addition institution), fees are accrued if payment is late. You will be expected to add $10 for each day you are late, and should your directory no longer have a password, there is an additional $25 to reinstate the password.


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