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Curious About My Schedule?

To Speak To Me At A Certain Time Please Schedule An Appointment
How To Schedule An Appointment With Me

If you are looking to see me at Addiction Bank at a certain time, you will need to schedule an appointment.   I do keep a schedule, although it has to flow with me.

Because I also have to be present at my therapy office, there are times I will not be available at Addiction Bank and vice versa.  So sticking to a rigid schedule in any one place does not work for me.

I do schedule everything in PST so you will have to adjust your time accordingly to mesh with mine.    Because I am an early riser, you will not find me available after 9pm.

However I do adjust my schedule if you are a Platinum VIP and need to feed your addiction after my normal business hours.

It’s pretty simple to tell if I am taking calls.  My call button on the home page will tell you “yes taking calls” or it will say “away send mail”   If I am already engaged with one of my benefactors you will see the “busy” message.

Please be patient!  While you wait go read my blog.

If you are calling my personal toll free number and I am able to take your call I will answer.  There is no answering service, you will speak directly with me.   Please have your credit card ready as I do not chit chat with you until your credit card is authorized.

How To Schedule An Appointment

I am happy to schedule an appointment with you, however there are some rules to follow.   If you are a Platinum VIP all you have to do is text me to set up your appointment.

Not a Platinum VIP…..that’s a shame because you will need to first send me an email.  or you may send me mail on Niteflirt.

When send me an email to schedule an appointment, please provide me with 3 times that will be convenient for you.  Once I choose the one that coincides with my schedule, I will send you an email back with my chosen time.  You will need to “confirm” the time we have agreed upon.

I wait preciously 10 minutes after the scheduled time, and then I consider the appointment missed if you have not called within that 10 minute window of time.    Once you have missed a scheduled appointment you loose the privileged of scheduling an appointment with me.

I realize emergencies do happen in life.  I will determine what is an emergency, and what was just a inexcusable waste of my precious time.

Thank you for reading, and I look forward to furthering your addiction(s).


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