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How To Contact Your Addiction Bank Advisor

Different Ways To Contact Your Addiction Bank Advisor
Ways To Contact Your Addiction Bank Advisor

Contacting your Addiction Bank Advisor is quick and easy.   We have a general email address where you can send all general mail and inquires.    Your email will be answered in the order in which it was received.

You may contact Rachel or Kiera:

Rude or disrespectful email will not be tolerated.  You will not receive an answer.  Your email address will immediately be blocked.

Getting Our Attention

Please understand when we are engaged in sessions we do not answer email.  Pay To View (PTV) email on our Niteflirt mail accounts will take precedence over all general chit chat mail.

If you need immediate attention, make a nice deposit.  Money does have a way of getting our attention.

If you prefer to contact us on Niteflirt please visit our individual profiles on the Niteflirt Platform.

VIP Advisor Contact

Our Platinum VIPS have access to our personal cell phones. They have earned the privilege of having unlimited contact with their Addiction Bank Advisor(s)

It goes without saying, any contact from our Platinum VIP Members get our immediate attention.

Interested in becoming a Platinum VIP member?

Ask your  Addiction Bank Advisor for the details on becoming one of our Platinum VIP Members.

Pre-Call Questionnaires

We will not be implementing any pre-call questionnaires here at Addiction Bank.  While some of our competitors include them in their business model, our board of directors have discouraged their use.

Our mission and the site are very clear and concise.   No matter how you look at it, it takes money to feed your addiction.  We are here to facilitate and further your addiction(s) and expand  our financial portfolios.   It’s a win/win situation creating mutually beneficial relationships and lasting partnerships.

Enjoy your visit to  Addiction Bank!



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