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Blackmail and Financial Addiction

Addiction To Blackmail Returns With A Vengeance

Addiction to blackmail returns with a vengeance my friends. Allow me to introduce my latest “Blackmail Addict”, Jeff from Canada. Interesting gentleman with an interesting backstory; allow me to indulge you! Married to Giselle; she is fucking a young, buff co-worker with a big dick. Jeff became bored while she was out and began an online relationship with a Femdom on Niteflirt that lasted almost a year.

The relationship started out as an innocent way to masturbate and get off. After all, Giselle was out getting fucked by her young, buff, well endowed lover. What Jeff didn’t realize was how easily this innocent relationship was evolving into a game of Financial Domination and Blackmail.

You see, Jeff shared pictures of his wife with his Niteflirt Femdom and she in turn posted Giselle’s pictures on social media. In order for her to take them down, she wanted money. So, it became a game of cat and mouse and you can guess who was the winner.

Addiction To Blackmail Becomes A Financial Addiction

Not only did Jeff get addicted to blackmail, financial domination made it’s way into being one of his addictions also. What we have here are two very dangerous addictions. The more Jeff paid, the more she wanted and if he didn’t pay she threatened to keep up the photos and contact his wife.

Femdom uses wife's photos for elaborate blackmail, financial domination scheme that returns with a vengeance
Blackmail Addiction Returns With A Vengeance That Leads To Financial Domination

Imagine being Jeff’s unsuspecting wife! Your phone rings and a female informs you that your pics are on social media!! Funny thing, the more she threatened Jeff with blackmail, the higher the stakes got. These addictions were getting out of control; but he loved every minute of this game of financial ruin.

Addiction To Blackmail Returns With A Vengeance and Ends With A Buy Out.

This Blackmail/Financial game went on for almost a year and Jeff begged for a “buy out” of his contract. Did I mention Blackmail and Financial Domination come with contracts and boy out contracts? Well, they do!

Lucky for Jeff his buy out was only $500.00, however the money he spent on phone sessions and blackmail threats almost caused him financial ruin. I warn my clients how dangerous these financial games can be, apparently his Femdom didn’t. So, after his buy out she disappeared from NF and all social media.

Now you would think Jeff was done with his blackmail and financial addiction, Right? Think again, he found me, yours truly

and I’m going to turn his world upside down. Side note ; he’s going to feel the arousal, embrace the remorse and love the financial ruin even more. I know this because his orgasm this morning was very powerful.

Until next time,

Dr. K