Addictive Games

Encouraging Addictive Behavior

Rolling The Dice Can Be Addictive
Let Your Addictive Personality Shine! Roll The Dice Again And Again

What better way to extract money out of you than with some fun, addictive, games!    Experience our addictive gambling games once, and you are sure to be back for more.

Why?  Because you have an addictive personality and display addictive behavior patterns and once is never enough for an addict like you.

What Is Addictive Behavior?

Addictive behavior is a behavior is a form of behavior that may involve a certain activity, substance, or object,  that in time,  becomes the major focus of a person’s life.

We lovely Femdom’s here at Addiction Bank encourage you to embrace your addictions and feed your addictive needs in any way possible.  If you need further assistance or encouragement, Ms Rachel or Ms Kiera know a few tricks to enhance your addictive needs.

In some cases addictive behavior can result in a physical, mental, and/or social withdrawal from their normal day to day obligations. Example:  Spending your day/evening playing games and making deposits at Addiction Bank rather than attending some boring event with your spouse or significant other.

We do however encourage good work ethics!  After all, you do need money to play at Addiction Bank!  Work, Work, Work and Roll The Dice.

Stimuli For Addictive Behavior

reinforcing stimuli – stimuli that increase the probability of repeating behaviors paired with them.  Thus continually feeding into and playing our addictive little games.

rewarding stimuli – stimuli that the brain interprets as intrinsically positive or as something to be approached.  Once you play our addictive games, you will see you can’t win!  Remember, “the house always wins” and Addiction Bank is “the house”.

And when we win, you are happy and you want to keep playing.

sensitization – an amplified response to a stimulus resulting from repeated exposure to it.


Compulsions and addictions are intertwined and reward is one major distinction between an addiction and a compulsion (as it is experienced in obsessive-compulsive gambling games played at Addiction Bank.  Your reward is the feeling of losing and paying.

An addiction is, by definition, a form of compulsion, and both addictions and compulsions involve reinforcement learning; however, in addiction, the desire engage in a behavior is based on the expectation that it will be rewarding.

And, what’s more rewarding than rolling the dice and giving all of your money to Addiction Bank?

Let the addictive games begin!

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