Armpits! Do You Love Them Too?

I'm aroused therefore I want to sniff an armpit
Come and Smell This Luscious Armpit

What’s Up With The Armpits?

Sniffing and Licking Armpitss
Armpits and Pheromones Drive Men Crazy

I’ve always heard about men and women who are turned on by armpits.  I’ve actually never encountered this fetish known as maschalagnia on my Phone Sex Therapist line up until recently.  Now that’s not to say some men don’t look at me and want to push their face into my armpit and revel in ecstasy!  Go ahead and try it if you get the chance!

Mistress Lillith and I recently decided to interview some of our recent submissives.  Being a first is always an honor, and Weak, Helpless Joseph fit the bill.  Not to mention his willingness to join our podcast and talk about himself. As a result of his participation on the podcast, it made him even more submissive. I just love submissives who will do anything to please their Mistress!

Joseph is from New Jersey and his dream in life is to serve.  Everything from foot worship to queening and everything in between.  Sniffing and licking armpits fits in there too!

Joseph has a little financial issue going on too.  He can’t stay away from me.  He has an addiction and  my attention is costly to say the least.  I trigger his addiction and he spends and spends, consequently at some point he goes broke.

Armpits and Pheromones

Up until recently, Joseph had never mentioned his fondness of pit sniffing.   One night he was talking about how the scent of the pits mix with  a women’s pheromones and apparently the scent for some men is intoxicating.

Apparently Joseph is one of those men that like licking and smelling that cavernous pit area.   My devious mind immediately decided that I needed to send him one of my sweaty hoodies, therefore creating a stronger addiction to me.  What better way to get a man more addicted than having my scent to covet and to sniff?

What Is Your Armpit Preference?

Come and Smell This Luscious Armpit

So how do you like your pits?  Do you like them smooth or hairy? Sweet, salty, musky, strong, sensuous or down right stanky?  To clarify, are you really an armpit addict?

Helpless Joseph will tell you all about his pit preferences over at our Kink and Coffee Podcast.  I love having a caller on our podcast because it makes them more humble and submissive.

Go have a listen and if you’d like to join in the podcasting fun, drop us a line and tell us why you should be on our show. Don’t just say ” I want to join the podcast”  Make your case interesting! Give us a reason to choose you!

Move quickly because our list is growing.

You must be a well behaved submissive, pay a nominal tribute and be vetted by Ms Lillith and Dr. Keira.  Listen, learn and submit your application for consideration.

Until later little sniffers!


what’s in a mantra?

What Does Your Mantra Say About You?

Do you have a mantra related to your addiction or fetish?

Mantra; A mantra is a sacred utterance. A numinous sound, a syllable, word or phonemes, or group of words in Sanskrit. It believed by practitioners to have psychological affect on the person uttering the mantra.

Many of my patients have a mantra tailored to their addiction or fetish. In this case, my patient loves small penis humiliation with a twist of financial domination.

Do You Have A Mantra Related To Your Addiction Or Fetish

I asked my caller Cody to write a mantra. As a result, he wrote the following which I found totally blog worthy. Once you read his mantra you will understand his need for his phone sex therapist.

I pay per minute to pump my puny pathetic pee pee in my pillow girlfriends pool noodle pussy. It makes my pinky pecker prematurely puke its putrid piggy protoplasm profusely. I’m a professional pussy pencil dick pervert who promptly purges the paycheck from my pockets to my phone sex therapist every time I pull and putz with my pitiful peanut size prick. I love pumping my pitiful prick. As a result, it is pushing me into poverty!

The mantra for pumping your body pillow girlfriend with the pool noodle pussy with your pencil dick penis.
On the line with my phone sex therapist reciting my mantra with my body pillow girlfriend with the pool noodle pussy. In any case I am a pencil prick loser!

Pictures Are Worth A Thousand Words

So what does your mantra say about you? Do you like to loop words over and over in your mind or would you rather look at pictures and illustrations?

Do you have a mantra related to your addiction or fetish that you would like to share?

Either way; I know while your reciting your mantra or looking at perverted porn pics, you are pumping your pathetic little pencil dick!

Would you like to be featured on one of my upcoming blogs? If so, send me your best work. Want to be considered for a Kink and Coffee Episode? Let’s do a phone session interview! It will be intense! Or, let’s create a mantra that fits just you.

Until later,

Dr. K