Financial Domination Remorse For Pay Piggy

Hurt From Financial Domination Remorse Goes Beyond Financial Ruin
Feeling Financial Domination Remorse Piggy?

Pay Piggy Experiences Financial Domination Remorse

Have you ever experienced financial domination remorse?  The answer to that question is probably yes.   Feeling remorse in the Findom world is very real.  These feelings can  appear without warning.  Think buyers remorse!

This condition is not only real, it’s guaranteed to happen. You feel injured, sick and remorseful. You’re probably wondering why it happens and what triggers these episodes.


Let’s Explore Financial Domination Remorse

In my experience as a phone sex therapist; I see remorse more in Findom than I do in  any other kinks or fetishes.  Why? Perhaps its because of the damage it can do both personally and financially. Financial remorse doesn’t really need an explanation.  That remorse is self explanatory.

You spend more than you should for long periods of time and that could lead to financial ruin.  Financial ruin quickly and unequivocally translates to financial domination remorse.

But let’s digress for a moment here to remember not all pay piggys experience financial ruin.  Some of you pay sluts have no limits to your disposable income, yet you feel remorse.  That’s when remorse hits the personal side of your life.

Personal As Opposed To Financial Remorse

Now let’s  talk about the personal aspect of Findom remorse. In my experience, married men experience far more financial  remorse than their single counterparts.  The reason being you are taking away from your wife and family; personally not financially, to feed your addiction.

Did you ever stop and think how much time you spend feeding your financial addiction?  More than you think piggy!  Sneaking around, lying, making up excuses and stories or where you’ve been or where you’re going……the list goes on and on!  Emphasis on  feeding your addiction because that is relevant to the personal side of remorse.

Clicking around looking at all the Findom Mistresses and reading their profiles takes up a lot of your time!  After all, you have to find just the right Findom to fit your needs.  Let me remind you, you are sneaking around doing all of this investigative work!

Once you’ve found the perfect Femdom Mistress; you want to start clicking all of her goodie bags, sending tributes and funding her payment requests.

If you think all of those fun tasks don’t take time, you are sadly mistaken.

Complexity Of Addiction

Unless you are deficient in judgment and common sense , you have separate bank accounts, credit cards and prepaid cards that you use.  Lot’s of time management there piggys to keep those all funded and balanced.  One charge on the wrong credit card could open up your Pandora’s  Box to a not so understanding audience.

Time you could have spent with your wife, girlfriend or significant other.

Your mind also becomes absent from your home life because you are always thinking about how you can be a better pay pig to your Mistress.   More attention, devotion and of course more money. Those things alone translate into less time and money in your personal life.

I think you get the drift piggys!  Financial domination remorse is way more complex than just giving up your hard earned cash.   Need to get rid of your cash?  I’m just a phone call or tribute away!

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Until later,

Dr. K
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Shopping Piggy Doesn’t Measure Up

This Little Shopping Piggy Has No Bang For His Buck!

Shopping Piggy was on the loose this weekend! But, as you can see you certainly don’t get much “bang for your buck” ! We were having a little texting fun on Friday night.  I informed this little piggy it was time for a new photo.  Reluctantly he gave in and sent me this photo. ~Gales of Laughter~ What would Amazon think?  Probably not in their marketing plan for 2018.

Shopping Piggy Humiliation
Humiliation For Shopping Piggy

Look at that pathetic little weenie! Is it any wonder why he has to pass out 100 dollar Amazon cards for attention?  But that’s just the beginning with our little humiliated little s piggy.  His addiction doesn’t stop with Amazon Gift Cards and Humiliation.

More Humiliation Converts To More Cash

Would you look at that little worm! Lot’s of squiggly veins to! It also appears he is lacking on his man-scaping skills.  Do you think this humiliation hurts piggy’s feelings? No!  The more you humiliate him, the more excited he gets. The more excited he gets the more he spends.  Yes! Spend piggy Spend!

His need to feed his addictions were running high this weekend.  Not only did he want to spend money, he also wanted to feed his other addictions.   Humiliation in various forms, cock sucking, and needing his little faggot hole drilled.  He drills his hole in his office…..just a noteworthy FYI.

Shopping Piggy Craves Another Mistress

With the holiday weekend quickly approaching, Piggy’s playtime was going to be curtailed.  He felt this urgent desire to have another Mistress play with us.   In all actuality, it was more like desperation! So why not double the pleasure and spend more money?  Can’t argue with that logic!

Finding one of my favorite girls was not so easy!  Both Mistress Lillith and Miss Rachel were already traveling for the Thanksgiving Holiday.  What to do?  I know! Call one of my friends!

Fluffy was a bit nervous about that idea, but I could hear the excitement in his voice.  The thought of talking to a woman who has no affiliation with  phone sex lines was very appealing.

I called my life long friend Issa.  She was in the mall shopping.  I quickly explained what I needed her to help me with and she started laughing hysterically.  But then I reminded her who Fluffy was and that peaked her interest. There’s a story to that, but I’ll save that for another blog post later.

Shopping Piggy Blows His Load And His Wad

I made the connection and we were all off and talking.  Issa asked Fluffy all the right embarrassing questions, and got right into the humiliation and financial aspect of the conversation.

My friends are amazing! Fluffy thinks so too.  He asked Issa if she would consider chatting with him at a later date or joining the Addiction Bank.  He answer on both counts…..Yes!

I told piggy it was time to burn, and by that I meant…..time for the grand finale of wallet rape! He was, after all on a time schedule.  With that in mind……….wallet rape is very powerful….. and some naughty words from Issa and I,  he also blew his other load.

Loads of cash and loads of cum.  Fluffy was a happy man with a flight to catch.  Me, I’m headed home for the holidays too.  Issa and I will meet up and shop until our funds run out……temporarily.   The beauty of having a money pig is there is always a way to entice him to spend more.

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Happy Holidays Deviants!


Dr. K
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Money Pig Sniffing Out Attention

Money Pig Addiction To Findom

Money Pig Makes Me Cum
Getting Cash From My Money Pig

Are you a money pig with a strong, uncontrollable addiction to Findom Phone Sex? Do you often ask yourself why you engage in this behavior? The answer to your question and more can be found right here at The Addiction Bank.

I’ve been engaging with a certain money pig for the past several years now and his addiction comes and goes.  His name is Fluffy and his Findom addiction is definitely real.  I immediately diagnosed him as a lifetime money pig after the first year of dealing with his on and off addiction binges.  For some Findom is a fantasy but for him it’s a real addiction and he’s engaged in it for years.  He is also a pantyboy and a cocksucker so he has several addictions he is dealing with.

The thing with Fluffy is that he has learned to control his addiction. What I mean by control his addiction is that he knows when it’s time to quit.  It doesn’t mean that he doesn’t spend literally thousands before he reels himself in, because he does.  Then he begins to feel the pain and guilt of his addiction. He will disappear for a bit but his return is guaranteed.

Money Pig Has Multiple Addictions

Besides being a money pig, as I previously mentioned, Fluffy likes to wear panties.  When he wears panties, he loves to head to a glory hole and find a nice big, black cock to suck!  At times he will pay to suck a cock, furthering his Findom addiction.

Being Fluffy can be daunting at times!  Imagine being in a hotel room putting on your pretty black thong, knowing a big black cock is waiting for your little faggot ass!  Coupled with the fact you’re on the phone with your Findom Mistress getting wallet raped!

He squeals and snorts like a pig!  The black thong is wet from his little clitty dripping.  His lips can’t wait to suck that big black cock and get it hard.  Then he pays to get fucked by the big, black cock!

At last there is relief!  His addictions have all been satisfied for the time being.  There are times when he doesn’t feed all his addictions at once.  Sometimes a good wallet raping is all he needs!

Money Pig Looking To Meet New Friends

This week Fluffy has returned and he’s looking for new playmates.  I just happen to have a new Mistress for him to meet.  Mistress Lillith will be joining the Addiction Bank.  We share a common interest, that being Financial Domination and Blackmail.   I’m sure she will enjoy meeting Seth!

In addition to joining The Addiction Bank, Mistress Lillith and myself have taken to the air waves to engage in some podcast therapy for your listening pleasure.   Join us over at  Kink and Coffee 

Our shows are live and full of unrestricted banter! Perhaps Fluffy will join us for an interview one of these mornings.   We are selectively seeking new addicts to interview.   Contact Mistress Lillith or myself for a chance to make your live podcast debut.

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Until later little piggies,

Dr K.
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