This is the ultimate forced intox, cock control and findom game. The object of this game is to Stroke/Smoke/Pay/ Obey.   If you don’t smoke, you can drink or snort.

Forced Intox, Findom, Cock Control Game Forced Intox and Financial Domination Game

This is a forced intox game and we make the rules that feed your addictions.

Your head will be spinning, you’ll be on the edge and ready to explode, and you’ll do it all while paying and obeying our every command.

$5 buy in for each round played. The first time you buy-in you will receive the game board and rules.

4 thoughts on “Smoke-Stroke-Pay-Obey”

  1. Mistress plays this game very well . If you get excitment from being under the influence while you do your online banking with two very dominant woman following your every move and transaction then these ladies are a very hot choice for you .
    Smoke stroke deposit and obey

    1. Hey little addict……when you gonna buy in and play the game? It’s time for you to smoke/stroke/pay/obey 🙂 Puff and play addict!

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