About Our Financial Institution Divas

Financial Institution Divas

Meet the dynamic duo of Addiction Bank, Ms Rachel and Ms Kiera.   Together these dynamic divas will keep you entertained and drained in more ways than one.   We are a full service financial institution, specializing in Findom.

You will experience a balanced blend of beauty, brains and creativity as we move in and take up space in your mind and rearrange your finances.

Add some naughtiness, risk and extreme kink, and you have the perfect  Findom Advisor to guide you throughout your stay at Addiction Bank.

We pride our selves in garnering  and cultivating long lasting and mutually beneficial relationships.

Whether you are new to our institution, or a Platinum VIP, we guarantee  your stay will be anything but ordinary.  Come experience the extraordinary.

We like to push buttons, limits and boundaries so if you’re the timid type  who doesn’t like change in your life, Addiction Bank may not be the right financial institution for you.

 Financial Institution Mission Statement

Your Divas at Addiction Bank believe in Findom whether we are snatching up $10.00 from you starving college students or $10,000 from corporate CEO’s .   The money all spends the same and transfers easily from your account to ours.

It’s all about what you are willing to sacrifice for our financial gain, making you spend more than what is normally comfortable for you.

Come in, relax, and allow us to diminish your financial worth!



2 thoughts on “About Our Financial Institution Divas”

  1. the bank is there for us addicts . If your reading these comments then you need to reach out and contact one of the two ladies and make yourself known . Puppet banking and mindfucked atm use .

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