Extracting information-Come Find Out How it’s Done

Let Your Submissive Talk-That’s Good For Extracting Information

I find there is an art to extracting information from your supplicant. First of all you have to establish a connection. Once you establish a connection you begin to form a bond and that is where trust comes in. Trust is very important if you plan on having your submissive tell you all about their deep dark secrets and desires.

Now you may be wondering what I do with all of the information I extract from my submissives. Well, I’ll tell you! I use it to coerce, control and manipulate them; then at some point I expose them. You are probably confused now, wondering why they would trust me with their secrets knowing I could expose and out them at any time.

The answer is quite simple. They want to be outed and exposed. It’s a rush like no other for these cocksucking deviants! And here’s something else that might surprise you;some of them would actually like to get caught in the act.

Let’s Talk About andrewlancelot9

I’ve been slowly extracting information from him for quite some time. I don’t think he realized how much I knew until I started talking about his good catholic boy upbringing in Nashville Tennessee. Its been my experience that catholic boyz make excellent cocksuckers!

But, that was old information and I knew it. Saying it to him, he automatically corrected me and told me he no longer lived in Nashville. See how easy that was! I make a statement with old information and he quickly corrected me.

I had a feeling he was still somewhere in the South so I started talking about another one of my cocksucking deviants, addict control.  He lives in Orlando Florida. Can you guess what happened? Yes, andrewlancelot9  openly admitted to living in Miami Beach Florida. Besides finding out where he now lives, I extracted new information for outing him further.

Therefore, adding to not only to his excitement, but also to his addiction of wanting to call me. More importantly, the more he calls the more information I extract. I can see this Addiction Bank website certainly serves it’s purpose for my pets!

What’s My Agenda?

You know I can’t tell you that! Besides, it would ruin all the fun I’m going to have extracting more information from andrewlancelot9 . Therefore, you will just have to follow this blog and my posts to see updates and new information. I bet he’s been over to this blog several times today looking to see if I added new information.

I know he was financial management for a manufacturing company in Nashville, but I’m not sure if he is in that same position since he has moved to Miami Beach.

Don’t worry, I’ll get that information in no time once he discovers he’s back in the spotlight on the blog. Exposure makes you guys want to tell all. The excitement is such a rush you can’t contain yourselves!

Take care little deviants! Until next time….


Exposed By Your Mistress! Outed!

Exposed and Outed By Your Mistress

Do the words “exposed by your Mistress” make your cock twitch? Does the thought of being outed all over the inter-webs get your adrenaline pumping? I thought so! So, let’s play dirty little faggot! I always warn my callers to be careful what they ask for! The reason being; I don’t play fantasy games. Everything I do is real, because blackmail and being outed and exposed is not for the weak or fantasy seekers. Oh, but you thought Seductress Suzie was all about fantasy. Think again! I play real and dirty and when you ask to be exposed, outed and blackmailed! You my little faggot get exactly what you ask for.
Mistress Exposed You
You Just Got Exposed By Your Mistress

Outed! Be Careful What You Ask For

Outed and Exposed By My Mistress For Being A Cocksucking Faggot
Today I’ve Been Outed and Exposed For Loving Big Black Cock Jizz All Over My Face

Take andrewlancelot9 for instance; a frequent Niteflirt caller. He didn’t start out as being a faggot cocksucker. Believe it or not, he’s got quite the package and at one time used to advertise on Craigslist looking for booty calls with women. Yes, you read that right; he liked fucking women with his big dick and talking about his adventures with Mistresses on Niteflirt. One day he stumbled upon me, a cunning Seductress, and it was game on.

But, andrewlancelot9 had a hidden agenda. He was cock curious, and the cock he was curious about happened to be big black cock! So to my delight we began talking about his adventures in cocksucking. Faggots who love the BBC aka Big Black Cock are some of my absolute favorite callers. As a matter of fact, I delight in getting them to send me pictures and videos of cocksucking adventures, and the funny thing is they do it so willingly.

There’s No Turning Back After Being Exposed By Your Mistress

Although I am a Phone Sex Seductress, being a Mistress also has it’s perks! I control my pets and prey on all of their addictions. Once I learn all of their addictions, I come over here to the Addiction Bank and expose everything! Pictures, videos, secrets; it’s all part of the manipulation and mindfucking that transpires during our session.

Remember pet, it was YOU begging ME to expose you and your Seductress simply headed over here to this fabulous blog and made your wish come true. Will I remove this exposure if you beg me? No!! In this case, your wish was my command, and it’s here to stay.

I want to thank the lovely Mistresses from the Addiction Bank for the invitation to join them in some devilish debauchery. This is my first post and I’m sure it won’t be the last!