Sensual Miss Rachel

Sensual Miss Rachel - Addiction BankI wouldn’t describe myself as a sadistic type of girl, but rather a naturally seductive and sensual woman that enjoys wrapping men around my perfect finger. One that enjoys seeing them fall over themselves and at my feet to ensure that I get everything my entitled heart desires. I enjoy seeing them compete for my undivided attention, and at times fight for ANY kind of attention – because something is better than nothing.

I am new to the world of online domination and the fetish lifestyle. Ms. Kiera is the one that has opened my eyes to it. However, I am not new to the minds of men. I guess for some it just comes naturally, and when you’ve got it – you’ve got it. We all have to start somewhere but I believe that our desires are imbedded within us just looking for an escape, looking for a place to come out and thrive. You and I will thrive together.

I would describe myself as an open-minded, sensual mistress.

In my day to day I work where you must be constantly evolving and constantly creating in order to remain on the top of your game. Such is life. If you want to remain on top, you evolve – and let’s face it…on top is where I like to be and where I intend on staying.

I know you are looking for a woman to become your new love addiction, for a woman you can connect with on a different level- one that is open-minded and sexually adventurous. While my expectations are high, and I enjoy the finer things in life, I don’t think I’m that hard to please either.

You and I both have needs and desires that need to be fulfilled ~ let’s explore those and fill them together.

One thought on “Sensual Miss Rachel”

  1. Mistress knows whats shes doing and will figure out how much control you need even if you don’t . You can trust that if you let yourself fall into her control like a good obedient submissive that you will get exactly what you need. I never will look at regular banking the same again .

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