Pay Piggy’s In Addiction Land

pay piggy in addiction land financial domination gameWelcome to Addiction Land Pay Piggy!

You are the pay piggy just making your way through the land of tricks and treats for your other favorite addiction – Your Financial Advisor.

During the game you will get to tribute, adopt an expense, earn stroking instructions and assignments, etc. A Financial domination buffet for the little piggies to gorge on.

You can chose to play regular or extreme, and chose to play live (via phone and team viewer) or PPV mail.

Get ready to drain the wallet, make it squeal – and we’ll do the same thing to those cock and balls.

There is a $10 buy in each time you start the game. The first time you buy into the game, you will receive the game board and rules

4 thoughts on “Pay Piggy’s In Addiction Land”

    1. ~laughing~ Hmmm, so now we know you bank at BOA. It’s time to make a switch to AB, we welcome oinking piggys 🙂

        1. Well hello there addict! Nice to see you again 🙂 Of course Addiction Bank cares about your money and the safety of the transfer from your account to ours. We use cutting edge security. How happy we are to have you as one of our Premier Depositors!

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