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Cuckold By Rubber Dolly And A Big Black Rubber Dick

Being A Cuckhold Can Be Humiliating

Rubber Dolly Turns Jamie Into Her Cuckold With A Big Black Rubber Dick
Cuckold By A Rubber Dolly

Cuckold by a rubber dolly and a big black rubber dick; what does that mean?  Just what it says! My little Utah micro penis friend Jamie is being cuckolded by a blow up rubber dolly and her big black rubber dick!

You see, Jamie has a Micro Penis and even his rubber dolly was not satisfied by having sex with him.  She found him disgusting and very inadequate.

One night while chatting with him on the phone I suggested he buy a big black rubber dildo and that’s exactly what he did.  But the events that followed  were really quite unexpected; or were they? Perhaps I was leading Jamie into further temptation!


Micro Penis Pay Per Minute Loser

Once the dildo arrived Jamie became fascinated with it.  He would tuck the dildo in his underwear and pretend that was his dick.  I would laugh and humiliate him for hours. I then told him besides being cuckolded by a rubber dolly he was also my pay per minute loser.

He would just sit and wank, wank and put money in my bank.  He got so addicted to this behavior that he had to move into a smaller apartment and get a second job to support all of his addictions. Being a part of the addiction bank can certainly be dangerous for some!

Jamie stared out with small penis humiliation that eventually turned him into a cuckold and then a pay pig loser.  Funny how those addictions can snow ball with a phone sex therapist such as myself leading the way.

I always warn my callers that I can either help you with your addictions or I can be the catalyst that makes them worse. I find that full disclosure is very important with interacting with your phone sex therapist.

Lessons Learned From Being A Cuckold

Eig Black Rubber Dick For Dolly
Cuckold By Rubber Dolly and A Big Black Rubber Dick

It’s definitely been a learning experience for my little micro penis loser Jamie.  What started out as small penis humiliation showed Jamie how much fun being a cuckold could be.

He fucked his rubber dolly with the big black rubber strap on because his micro penis couldn’t even satisfy a rubber dolly! Consequently he became cuckold to a  rubber dolly and a big black rubber dick.  How embarrassing is that?

He loved hearing me laugh and humiliate him for having a micro penis; using a big black penis to fuck his rubber dolly. Being in therapy with me is not free so he turned into a pay per minute loser.

What’s next? Will Rubber Dolly turn the tables on Jamie and use the big, black, rubber dildo on his ass?  I guess only time will tell; along with some gentle persuasion. *wink*

Welcome to the wonderful world of how the Addiction Bank operates.  Just reading this makes you want to make a deposit doesn’t it?  Well don’t delay!  Cum have some fun with me, your phone sex therapist.  

Let’s play and I’ll feed your addictions and take all your money away!

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Until later,

Dr. K
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Panty Boy Learns About Cuckolding

Cuckolding A Panty Boy

Panty Boy Cuckolding Fun
Panty Boy Wants To Experience Cuckolding

It’s been a little over two months since Ms. Kiera introduced me to the wonderful world of financial phone domination. I must say, I have quite the appetite for it now. A world where men trip over themselves to entertain women like me. Every single one of you enjoy having your wallets and balls emptied.  But how does cuckolding fit into the scheme of things?

Panty boy was the first pay pig I spoke with – and we spoke on a handful of occasions. I must admit that it took me a little while to wrap my head around some of his experiences. I enjoyed learning about his trips to the glory hole to suck some yummy, delicious cock – and I loved hearing how he offered up his sissy pantied ass to the real men.

There was a point in there when Panty boy asked if I would allow him to ‘stick it in’. If I would allow him to fuck me.  What The Fuck?

I laughed out loud at that particular request. Perhaps his silly little dick got in the way of his actual ability to think.

Actually, may be green to the phone world, but I still have standards. You see, I still have high expectations of men and their cocks. I expect long, thick, and I expect you to know what to do with it.

Panty boy has the exact opposite of a nice, large, cock. He has a tiny little nubbin no bigger than a large pimple between his legs. The only attention that tiny peepee should get is from the humiliation of it being so small. He clearly needs to find other ways to keep us entertained, no girl anywhere will drop her panties for something THAT small. (Not even for a pity fuck)

However, Panty boy did open my eyes to the world of cuckolding.

It’s something I have played around with, having a few personal experiences in my romantic life. I didn’t realize there was a name for it, nor did I realize there was such a need for it.

Little dicked panty boys need to be cuckolded. Financially ruined,  cuckolded while being humiliated for their small little peckers. Lucky for him and others – financial ruin and cuckolding are on the list of my favorite things. Something I excel at, something I was born to do.

Can’t wait to see what else this future in femdom  and cuckold phone sex has in store for me…and for you. You can thank Ms. Kiera for introducing me into your world.

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