Armpits! Do You Love Them Too?

I'm aroused therefore I want to sniff an armpit
Come and Smell This Luscious Armpit

What’s Up With The Armpits?

Sniffing and Licking Armpitss
Armpits and Pheromones Drive Men Crazy

I’ve always heard about men and women who are turned on by armpits.  I’ve actually never encountered this fetish known as maschalagnia on my Phone Sex Therapist line up until recently.  Now that’s not to say some men don’t look at me and want to push their face into my armpit and revel in ecstasy!  Go ahead and try it if you get the chance!

Mistress Lillith and I recently decided to interview some of our recent submissives.  Being a first is always an honor, and Weak, Helpless Joseph fit the bill.  Not to mention his willingness to join our podcast and talk about himself. As a result of his participation on the podcast, it made him even more submissive. I just love submissives who will do anything to please their Mistress!

Joseph is from New Jersey and his dream in life is to serve.  Everything from foot worship to queening and everything in between.  Sniffing and licking armpits fits in there too!

Joseph has a little financial issue going on too.  He can’t stay away from me.  He has an addiction and  my attention is costly to say the least.  I trigger his addiction and he spends and spends, consequently at some point he goes broke.

Armpits and Pheromones

Up until recently, Joseph had never mentioned his fondness of pit sniffing.   One night he was talking about how the scent of the pits mix with  a women’s pheromones and apparently the scent for some men is intoxicating.

Apparently Joseph is one of those men that like licking and smelling that cavernous pit area.   My devious mind immediately decided that I needed to send him one of my sweaty hoodies, therefore creating a stronger addiction to me.  What better way to get a man more addicted than having my scent to covet and to sniff?

What Is Your Armpit Preference?

Come and Smell This Luscious Armpit

So how do you like your pits?  Do you like them smooth or hairy? Sweet, salty, musky, strong, sensuous or down right stanky?  To clarify, are you really an armpit addict?

Helpless Joseph will tell you all about his pit preferences over at our Kink and Coffee Podcast.  I love having a caller on our podcast because it makes them more humble and submissive.

Go have a listen and if you’d like to join in the podcasting fun, drop us a line and tell us why you should be on our show. Don’t just say ” I want to join the podcast”  Make your case interesting! Give us a reason to choose you!

Move quickly because our list is growing.

You must be a well behaved submissive, pay a nominal tribute and be vetted by Ms Lillith and Dr. Keira.  Listen, learn and submit your application for consideration.

Until later little sniffers!


what’s in a mantra?

What Does Your Mantra Say About You?

Do you have a mantra related to your addiction or fetish?

Mantra; A mantra is a sacred utterance. A numinous sound, a syllable, word or phonemes, or group of words in Sanskrit. It believed by practitioners to have psychological affect on the person uttering the mantra.

Many of my patients have a mantra tailored to their addiction or fetish. In this case, my patient loves small penis humiliation with a twist of financial domination.

Do You Have A Mantra Related To Your Addiction Or Fetish

I asked my caller Cody to write a mantra. As a result, he wrote the following which I found totally blog worthy. Once you read his mantra you will understand his need for his phone sex therapist.

I pay per minute to pump my puny pathetic pee pee in my pillow girlfriends pool noodle pussy. It makes my pinky pecker prematurely puke its putrid piggy protoplasm profusely. I’m a professional pussy pencil dick pervert who promptly purges the paycheck from my pockets to my phone sex therapist every time I pull and putz with my pitiful peanut size prick. I love pumping my pitiful prick. As a result, it is pushing me into poverty!

The mantra for pumping your body pillow girlfriend with the pool noodle pussy with your pencil dick penis.
On the line with my phone sex therapist reciting my mantra with my body pillow girlfriend with the pool noodle pussy. In any case I am a pencil prick loser!

Pictures Are Worth A Thousand Words

So what does your mantra say about you? Do you like to loop words over and over in your mind or would you rather look at pictures and illustrations?

Do you have a mantra related to your addiction or fetish that you would like to share?

Either way; I know while your reciting your mantra or looking at perverted porn pics, you are pumping your pathetic little pencil dick!

Would you like to be featured on one of my upcoming blogs? If so, send me your best work. Want to be considered for a Kink and Coffee Episode? Let’s do a phone session interview! It will be intense! Or, let’s create a mantra that fits just you.

Until later,

Dr. K

Cuckold By Rubber Dolly And A Big Black Rubber Dick

Being A Cuckhold Can Be Humiliating

Rubber Dolly Turns Jamie Into Her Cuckold With A Big Black Rubber Dick
Cuckold By A Rubber Dolly

Cuckold by a rubber dolly and a big black rubber dick; what does that mean?  Just what it says! My little Utah micro penis friend Jamie is being cuckolded by a blow up rubber dolly and her big black rubber dick!

You see, Jamie has a Micro Penis and even his rubber dolly was not satisfied by having sex with him.  She found him disgusting and very inadequate.

One night while chatting with him on the phone I suggested he buy a big black rubber dildo and that’s exactly what he did.  But the events that followed  were really quite unexpected; or were they? Perhaps I was leading Jamie into further temptation!


Micro Penis Pay Per Minute Loser

Once the dildo arrived Jamie became fascinated with it.  He would tuck the dildo in his underwear and pretend that was his dick.  I would laugh and humiliate him for hours. I then told him besides being cuckolded by a rubber dolly he was also my pay per minute loser.

He would just sit and wank, wank and put money in my bank.  He got so addicted to this behavior that he had to move into a smaller apartment and get a second job to support all of his addictions. Being a part of the addiction bank can certainly be dangerous for some!

Jamie stared out with small penis humiliation that eventually turned him into a cuckold and then a pay pig loser.  Funny how those addictions can snow ball with a phone sex therapist such as myself leading the way.

I always warn my callers that I can either help you with your addictions or I can be the catalyst that makes them worse. I find that full disclosure is very important with interacting with your phone sex therapist.

Lessons Learned From Being A Cuckold

Eig Black Rubber Dick For Dolly
Cuckold By Rubber Dolly and A Big Black Rubber Dick

It’s definitely been a learning experience for my little micro penis loser Jamie.  What started out as small penis humiliation showed Jamie how much fun being a cuckold could be.

He fucked his rubber dolly with the big black rubber strap on because his micro penis couldn’t even satisfy a rubber dolly! Consequently he became cuckold to a  rubber dolly and a big black rubber dick.  How embarrassing is that?

He loved hearing me laugh and humiliate him for having a micro penis; using a big black penis to fuck his rubber dolly. Being in therapy with me is not free so he turned into a pay per minute loser.

What’s next? Will Rubber Dolly turn the tables on Jamie and use the big, black, rubber dildo on his ass?  I guess only time will tell; along with some gentle persuasion. *wink*

Welcome to the wonderful world of how the Addiction Bank operates.  Just reading this makes you want to make a deposit doesn’t it?  Well don’t delay!  Cum have some fun with me, your phone sex therapist.  

Let’s play and I’ll feed your addictions and take all your money away!

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Until later,

Dr. K
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Exhibitionist CFNM Masturbating Menace

 Exhibitionists That Loves CFNM Masturbation

This guy is an exhibitionist
I am an exhibitionist

Exhibitionist:  noun: a person who behaves in an extravagant way in order to attract attention.

Exhibitionists are everywhere. They could be your next door neighbor and you wouldn’t even know it unless you study their habits.  We’ll discuss that at a later date.  Today I want to focus on my CFNM Masturbator.  Just to clairify, CFNM  is “clothed female naked male”  and masturbator…..well that’s self explanatory.

So Who Is This Exhibitionist?

CFNM Masturbator is one of my favorite, long time callers. Let’s just say we have some history and he trusts me explicitly to deal with his proclivities.  Actually we have a lot of fun together because I send him out on adventures tailored to his specific needs.

So, you’re probably wondering why he needs a therapist to deal with his fetish.  Reason being, CFNM Masturbator likes to masturbate in front of nubiles  at the park, the shopping malls, water parks, movie theaters and popular eateries.  There is careful planning that takes place before he is sent off on an adventure so he doesn’t get caught and hauled off to jail!

Plus, I’m on the phone with him during his adventures and I get to listen to the entire encounter.  Oh the fun we have working up to the point when he is discovered by his audience.

Think of the adrenaline rush, not to mention the orgasm he experiences when some non suspecting nubiles stumble upon him at the park!  Imagine their surprise then they look down as they are crossing over a bridge only to see a grown man; naked and aroused stroking his uncut , long, fat penis!

Those little nubiles begin to laugh gales of laughter, pointing  and carrying on like girls that age do.  He is so turned on by the fact that he is naked, they are dressed in sexy little spring outfits and he is jerking off like the masturbating menace he is.

Caught Jerking Your Joint!

Exhibitionist Shows Off His Big Penis
Exhibitionist Proud Of His Big Penis

Not only is he caught jerking his joint, he really puts on a show as he throws his legs up over his head and cums all over his face.  Yep, he really puts on a show as most exhibitionists do.

And yes, he has to clean up his mess, meaning he eats his own cum like a good little masturbator.

Look at how proud he is of his fat package!  He loves to be teased to the edge; allowing his balls to swell for weeks before I allow him a release. Tease and denial is so much fun!

We also add some CBT into his edging routine.  Slapping his full balls with a wooden ruler is music to my ears ~evil grin~

Addictions, Fetishes, Kink

Whether your addiction is to masturbating while naked to pretty barely legal teens in public,  sucking cock, dressing like a sissy, or being a pay piggy or being humiliated to tears; It all comes down to all of my callers must pay to play.

You feed your addiction, which feeds my bank account so it’s a win win at the Addiction Bank everyday all day.

Got an addiction, fetish or kink you need to talk about?  Check out my schedule or find me on Niteflirt.

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Until later……..

Dr. K
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Pay n Play A New Way To Give Us Your Money

Pay n Play The New Exciting Way To Pay

Pay n Play New Payment Option
Money Pigs Love To Pay n Play

Pay n play is finally here for all of you little addicts that love to click buttons.   That’s right Piggys!  Now you  have two ways to binge and further your financial addiction with your Findom Mistresses.

It was brought to our attention numerous times that the only way to send tributes was through Niteflirt.  We assumed that everyone was addicted to Niteflirt!  However, we were wrong and so we decided it was time to give our Piggys another option to Tribute Your Findom.

In addiction to paying tributes to your Findoms, you will also be able to bill your session through our merchant once you become an ESTABLISHED VIP piggy.  After all, we don’t trust just anyone who claims to be a Pay Pig.

More often than not, being a pay pig is a fantasy for many of you addicts out there.  We are not into fantasy financial domination.  This site is the real deal and may be too extreme for some of you .

WARNING !! If you can’t take going on a binge beyond your wildest imagination this is not the place for you.  We respect all limits, but those limits must be discussed in advance and agreed upon by both parties.

Where To Find The New Pay n Play Feature

The new payment feature has it’s very own button. That’s right, we want no confusion on your part when you’re clicking buttons and giving away your money to one of your Fabulous Findom Mistresses.

We have the Drive Thru Drop which is for Niteflirt addicts.  Once you click that button, you will see a drop down menu.  You will want to click on the “Drive Thru Merchant Drop” button in order to process your payment thru our merchant.

Quick and easy just like before! Go Ahead……Start Clicking!
Feed Your Addiction With The New Payment Option.

Just remember to read all the rules before pushing the buttons.  We do live by our motto:

Feel The Arousal

Experience The Remorse~

We Guarantee Financial Ruin

See you Soon Piggys!

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Dr. K
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Financial Domination Remorse For Pay Piggy

Hurt From Financial Domination Remorse Goes Beyond Financial Ruin
Feeling Financial Domination Remorse Piggy?

Pay Piggy Experiences Financial Domination Remorse

Have you ever experienced financial domination remorse?  The answer to that question is probably yes.   Feeling remorse in the Findom world is very real.  These feelings can  appear without warning.  Think buyers remorse!

This condition is not only real, it’s guaranteed to happen. You feel injured, sick and remorseful. You’re probably wondering why it happens and what triggers these episodes.


Let’s Explore Financial Domination Remorse

In my experience as a phone sex therapist; I see remorse more in Findom than I do in  any other kinks or fetishes.  Why? Perhaps its because of the damage it can do both personally and financially. Financial remorse doesn’t really need an explanation.  That remorse is self explanatory.

You spend more than you should for long periods of time and that could lead to financial ruin.  Financial ruin quickly and unequivocally translates to financial domination remorse.

But let’s digress for a moment here to remember not all pay piggys experience financial ruin.  Some of you pay sluts have no limits to your disposable income, yet you feel remorse.  That’s when remorse hits the personal side of your life.

Personal As Opposed To Financial Remorse

Now let’s  talk about the personal aspect of Findom remorse. In my experience, married men experience far more financial  remorse than their single counterparts.  The reason being you are taking away from your wife and family; personally not financially, to feed your addiction.

Did you ever stop and think how much time you spend feeding your financial addiction?  More than you think piggy!  Sneaking around, lying, making up excuses and stories or where you’ve been or where you’re going……the list goes on and on!  Emphasis on  feeding your addiction because that is relevant to the personal side of remorse.

Clicking around looking at all the Findom Mistresses and reading their profiles takes up a lot of your time!  After all, you have to find just the right Findom to fit your needs.  Let me remind you, you are sneaking around doing all of this investigative work!

Once you’ve found the perfect Femdom Mistress; you want to start clicking all of her goodie bags, sending tributes and funding her payment requests.

If you think all of those fun tasks don’t take time, you are sadly mistaken.

Complexity Of Addiction

Unless you are deficient in judgment and common sense , you have separate bank accounts, credit cards and prepaid cards that you use.  Lot’s of time management there piggys to keep those all funded and balanced.  One charge on the wrong credit card could open up your Pandora’s  Box to a not so understanding audience.

Time you could have spent with your wife, girlfriend or significant other.

Your mind also becomes absent from your home life because you are always thinking about how you can be a better pay pig to your Mistress.   More attention, devotion and of course more money. Those things alone translate into less time and money in your personal life.

I think you get the drift piggys!  Financial domination remorse is way more complex than just giving up your hard earned cash.   Need to get rid of your cash?  I’m just a phone call or tribute away!

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Until later,

Dr. K
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Shopping Piggy Doesn’t Measure Up

This Little Shopping Piggy Has No Bang For His Buck!

Shopping Piggy was on the loose this weekend! But, as you can see you certainly don’t get much “bang for your buck” ! We were having a little texting fun on Friday night.  I informed this little piggy it was time for a new photo.  Reluctantly he gave in and sent me this photo. ~Gales of Laughter~ What would Amazon think?  Probably not in their marketing plan for 2018.

Shopping Piggy Humiliation
Humiliation For Shopping Piggy

Look at that pathetic little weenie! Is it any wonder why he has to pass out 100 dollar Amazon cards for attention?  But that’s just the beginning with our little humiliated little s piggy.  His addiction doesn’t stop with Amazon Gift Cards and Humiliation.

More Humiliation Converts To More Cash

Would you look at that little worm! Lot’s of squiggly veins to! It also appears he is lacking on his man-scaping skills.  Do you think this humiliation hurts piggy’s feelings? No!  The more you humiliate him, the more excited he gets. The more excited he gets the more he spends.  Yes! Spend piggy Spend!

His need to feed his addictions were running high this weekend.  Not only did he want to spend money, he also wanted to feed his other addictions.   Humiliation in various forms, cock sucking, and needing his little faggot hole drilled.  He drills his hole in his office…..just a noteworthy FYI.

Shopping Piggy Craves Another Mistress

With the holiday weekend quickly approaching, Piggy’s playtime was going to be curtailed.  He felt this urgent desire to have another Mistress play with us.   In all actuality, it was more like desperation! So why not double the pleasure and spend more money?  Can’t argue with that logic!

Finding one of my favorite girls was not so easy!  Both Mistress Lillith and Miss Rachel were already traveling for the Thanksgiving Holiday.  What to do?  I know! Call one of my friends!

Fluffy was a bit nervous about that idea, but I could hear the excitement in his voice.  The thought of talking to a woman who has no affiliation with  phone sex lines was very appealing.

I called my life long friend Issa.  She was in the mall shopping.  I quickly explained what I needed her to help me with and she started laughing hysterically.  But then I reminded her who Fluffy was and that peaked her interest. There’s a story to that, but I’ll save that for another blog post later.

Shopping Piggy Blows His Load And His Wad

I made the connection and we were all off and talking.  Issa asked Fluffy all the right embarrassing questions, and got right into the humiliation and financial aspect of the conversation.

My friends are amazing! Fluffy thinks so too.  He asked Issa if she would consider chatting with him at a later date or joining the Addiction Bank.  He answer on both counts…..Yes!

I told piggy it was time to burn, and by that I meant…..time for the grand finale of wallet rape! He was, after all on a time schedule.  With that in mind……….wallet rape is very powerful….. and some naughty words from Issa and I,  he also blew his other load.

Loads of cash and loads of cum.  Fluffy was a happy man with a flight to catch.  Me, I’m headed home for the holidays too.  Issa and I will meet up and shop until our funds run out……temporarily.   The beauty of having a money pig is there is always a way to entice him to spend more.

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Happy Holidays Deviants!


Dr. K
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Money Pig Sniffing Out Attention

Money Pig Addiction To Findom

Money Pig Makes Me Cum
Getting Cash From My Money Pig

Are you a money pig with a strong, uncontrollable addiction to Findom Phone Sex? Do you often ask yourself why you engage in this behavior? The answer to your question and more can be found right here at The Addiction Bank.

I’ve been engaging with a certain money pig for the past several years now and his addiction comes and goes.  His name is Fluffy and his Findom addiction is definitely real.  I immediately diagnosed him as a lifetime money pig after the first year of dealing with his on and off addiction binges.  For some Findom is a fantasy but for him it’s a real addiction and he’s engaged in it for years.  He is also a pantyboy and a cocksucker so he has several addictions he is dealing with.

The thing with Fluffy is that he has learned to control his addiction. What I mean by control his addiction is that he knows when it’s time to quit.  It doesn’t mean that he doesn’t spend literally thousands before he reels himself in, because he does.  Then he begins to feel the pain and guilt of his addiction. He will disappear for a bit but his return is guaranteed.

Money Pig Has Multiple Addictions

Besides being a money pig, as I previously mentioned, Fluffy likes to wear panties.  When he wears panties, he loves to head to a glory hole and find a nice big, black cock to suck!  At times he will pay to suck a cock, furthering his Findom addiction.

Being Fluffy can be daunting at times!  Imagine being in a hotel room putting on your pretty black thong, knowing a big black cock is waiting for your little faggot ass!  Coupled with the fact you’re on the phone with your Findom Mistress getting wallet raped!

He squeals and snorts like a pig!  The black thong is wet from his little clitty dripping.  His lips can’t wait to suck that big black cock and get it hard.  Then he pays to get fucked by the big, black cock!

At last there is relief!  His addictions have all been satisfied for the time being.  There are times when he doesn’t feed all his addictions at once.  Sometimes a good wallet raping is all he needs!

Money Pig Looking To Meet New Friends

This week Fluffy has returned and he’s looking for new playmates.  I just happen to have a new Mistress for him to meet.  Mistress Lillith will be joining the Addiction Bank.  We share a common interest, that being Financial Domination and Blackmail.   I’m sure she will enjoy meeting Seth!

In addition to joining The Addiction Bank, Mistress Lillith and myself have taken to the air waves to engage in some podcast therapy for your listening pleasure.   Join us over at  Kink and Coffee 

Our shows are live and full of unrestricted banter! Perhaps Fluffy will join us for an interview one of these mornings.   We are selectively seeking new addicts to interview.   Contact Mistress Lillith or myself for a chance to make your live podcast debut.

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Until later little piggies,

Dr K.
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Panty Boy Learns About Cuckolding

Cuckolding A Panty Boy

Panty Boy Cuckolding Fun
Panty Boy Wants To Experience Cuckolding

It’s been a little over two months since Ms. Kiera introduced me to the wonderful world of financial phone domination. I must say, I have quite the appetite for it now. A world where men trip over themselves to entertain women like me. Every single one of you enjoy having your wallets and balls emptied.  But how does cuckolding fit into the scheme of things?

Panty boy was the first pay pig I spoke with – and we spoke on a handful of occasions. I must admit that it took me a little while to wrap my head around some of his experiences. I enjoyed learning about his trips to the glory hole to suck some yummy, delicious cock – and I loved hearing how he offered up his sissy pantied ass to the real men.

There was a point in there when Panty boy asked if I would allow him to ‘stick it in’. If I would allow him to fuck me.  What The Fuck?

I laughed out loud at that particular request. Perhaps his silly little dick got in the way of his actual ability to think.

Actually, may be green to the phone world, but I still have standards. You see, I still have high expectations of men and their cocks. I expect long, thick, and I expect you to know what to do with it.

Panty boy has the exact opposite of a nice, large, cock. He has a tiny little nubbin no bigger than a large pimple between his legs. The only attention that tiny peepee should get is from the humiliation of it being so small. He clearly needs to find other ways to keep us entertained, no girl anywhere will drop her panties for something THAT small. (Not even for a pity fuck)

However, Panty boy did open my eyes to the world of cuckolding.

It’s something I have played around with, having a few personal experiences in my romantic life. I didn’t realize there was a name for it, nor did I realize there was such a need for it.

Little dicked panty boys need to be cuckolded. Financially ruined,  cuckolded while being humiliated for their small little peckers. Lucky for him and others – financial ruin and cuckolding are on the list of my favorite things. Something I excel at, something I was born to do.

Can’t wait to see what else this future in femdom  and cuckold phone sex has in store for me…and for you. You can thank Ms. Kiera for introducing me into your world.

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Panty Boy Adventures

Introducing Our Panty Boy

Panty Boy has become a VIP here at  Addiction Bank.   I met up with Panty Boy  on January 6th 2015.  He paid me a visit at my virtual therapy office, seeking some help with his addictions.   Well, he certainly came to the right place, because I specialize in all types of addictions.

Panty Boy Girly Butt
Fluffy Panty Boy Butt

On this particular day, his visit was in regards to his Findom addictions.  We chatted for a bit getting to know one another, and of course after the call I started to push his buttons.   I pushed his buttons, and in turn he pushed mine.  My buttons are tribute buttons in case you are wondering.   Our relationship evolved over the month and I could see just how much Panty Boy craved Findom.

I  went to Vegas for the weekend and was playing around tempting and teasing the little piggy and he just kept sending me funds. I asked him for drink money, gambling money, money to treat my friends to dinner.  Yes, he sent me everything I asked for.

I was sharing this fun with my friends I met up with in Vegas and my dear friend Rachel took a real interest in this little piggy.  She actually doubted someone like him could be real.    Panty Boy on the other hand was intrigued that I told a vanilla friend all about him.

Our trip ended but Fluffy and I kept talking about exposing him to one of my friends.  I knew Rachel would be perfect!  She knew nothing about Niteflirt other than what I had told her, and she was intrigued with the idea of playing with a real money pig that wears panties.

Rachel Meets Panty Boy

I had Rachel put up a profile on Niteflirt and you can imagine how exciting this was for Panty Boy.   Actually, the anticipation was driving him crazy!   He could not wait to call Rachel on Niteflirt.

As eager as he was to speak with Rachel, Panty Boy was a bit nervous.  He was worried he would freak her out!  Like I told him, my friend Rachel has gone through more guys than I have panties and trust me I have drawers full of panties!

Panty Boy and Rachel finally had their first call and their connection was amazing.  Who knew this type of phone meeting would turn out to be so much fun?

From Panty Boy To Piggy Dick Licker

Lots of things have happened since Rachel joined Niteflirt and I am going to turn this blog over to Rachel.  Actually, I would like to introduce you all to  my partner in crime…….Sensual Miss Rachel.

She is going to tell you all about Piggy Dick Licker!

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To Be Continued……

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